Creo School is committed to developing within the child a passion to learn through discovery in a secular, bilingual and family centered learning community, based on the principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. We encourage the self-development of each individual's natural potential by nurturing creativity, promoting forward thinking skills, honoring personal integrity, while supporting a global perspective.

CREO's Mission

Committed to Montessori

At Creo, we believe in learning within a context and through practical experience. To do this, we start with a big picture, like the Grand Canyon, followed by a guiding question: How was it formed? From here, we can have all kinds of fun understanding its size (length, width, depth, and volume), using all sorts of math skills. We can work on the geology the Canyon and understand how long it took to be created and what chemical reactions eroded the rock. We can go visit the site, collect rock samples to bring back to test, and recreate the erosion process. This same type of learning can be done in any area of interest, whether it is how high a ballerina can jump or how fast Lightning McQueen can get from Gilbert, AZ to Radiator Springs.

As the children get older, the projects become more complex, such as building a Go Cart to rebuilding the engine of a car or building a miniature jet plane; and of course we will spend the time to calculate the car's torque or the jet engine's thrust and then maybe find a way to give it more power. 

While science and math are topics of importance for all students, some students will find their passion in art or music, and this will be encouraged and supported equally. 

At Creo, our mission is to encourage children to learn who they are as a people, as individuals, and as creative contributors to society. This is only accomplished by allowing children to follow their own paths, find their own interests, and take ownership of their own futures. If children want to be astronauts, then let's build a plan for how they get there. If a child wants to be a comedian, we can work with that interest, too.

In order to put the best structure to this goal of education, the Montessori Method was the right fit for Creo because its philosophy, supportive curriculum, and approach are closest to our own and will give us the flexibility to allow each student in the same classroom to follow his or her individual passions.

In Montessori, teachers act more like guides and coaches, peer-to-peer interaction is encouraged, and students challenge and learn from each other. Through extensive opportunities for research and exploration, children are afforded the opportunity to learn everything they want to learn about what interests them the most. 

Student and founding Faculty Testimonial

Creo School is a private AMI Accredited Montessori school located in Gilbert, AZ that offers programs for children 15 months through age 9 for the 2015-2016 school year.
I can not believe how self-empowered my child has become. She is unafraid to do things by herself, to discover, to research, ask questions and find the answers by herself.
It is clear that she is taught not just facts and figures in her Montessori setting, but how to go find answers about anything she can think of. This is something every parent wants for their children.
— Patrick W. - parent