The Montessori method was a result of Dr. Montessori’s direct observation and experimentation of the child. Dr. Maria Montessori observed the unknown manifestation of the child. Everyone who wanted to follow the methods of Dr. Montessori needed to see every child with the same eyes. Every child goes through the same anthropological growth just as any other child in history has. Maria Montessori observed the inner growth and inner thinking of the child. The goal is to observe how Dr. Montessori observed in her doctoral perspective. The inner growth and thinking of the child will not be seen if there is not a prepared environment in which he/she can show who he/she really is. .

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.
— Maria Montessori

The child, without a prepared environment to walk, talk, and run, will not learn how to do walk, talk, and run. There is a sequential process in which the child can learn how to use his legs but the child must be prepared to use his legs. We must be open to change ourselves, as adults, from within to the the inner manifestations of the child. If we do not have peace within ourselves, how can we expect to have peace within our environment? In our environment we want happy and healthy children to be willing and wanting to help others—we create a sense of normalization in the environment. Interest is the first step to motivating the child to choose a work and help others around him. Direct observation of the child is necessary because it gives a clear perspective and sense of realization of what is happening with the child and within him. It is one thing to hear what your child is doing in class (i.e. coloring, setting up the lunch table, watering the garden, etc.) than to see in front of you with your own eyes and hopefully you have began to see these actions at home!

Though every child goes through the same anthropological growth, it is our job to observe where each child is, developmentally, and where in that stage of the child's growth to meet his/her needs. 

Observing at Home

Montessori teaches us, the adults, the child is capable of absorbing all he sees and begins to practice on his own. It is his own desire from within to take care of himself. 

Adults are quick to catch every fall or mistake that a child can make but we grew up learning from our mistakes so why not let children learn sooner rather than later? At home, You can observe what your child is capable and what he/she is interested in. If they eagerly show they want to help with laundry but the laundry basket is too big, get a small one from their own clothes that way they can bring this one to the laundry room on their own. If the laundry falls onto the floor, make them aware of what has happened and what we will do next! If there is a possible solution, find a way to make it happen and ensure your child's confidence and independence!

AuthorRebeca Flores