Peace in the Toddler Environment

It is no wonder the classroom of 10 plus toddlers can remain peaceful, relaxed and happy throughout long periods of time. We give every opportunity to work on an activity for as long as they like. The children interact with one another and move freely throughout the class.

Our main goals, as adults, are to make sure to keep each child engaged and interested in the classroom, daily, to keep the children connected with their environment, and to protect their concentration once they have found it in a work. The child will recognize his/her purpose in the classroom and in life out of the classroom. It doesn’t come all too easily! As adults and as guides to the child, it is our job to show peace and to show happiness in the environment and show the role of the adult in the classroom.

We show the child to walk in the classroom, to walk around a rug that is being used on the floor, how to clean up the water we spilled, with a towel. We are able to give children the words and the tools for resolving conflicts peacefully and ways to cultivate peace for a productive learning environment. This is how we demonstrate grace and how we demonstrate courtesy.

If we are to teach real peace in this world... we shall have to begin with the children.
— Mahatma Ghandi

Peace at Home

Cultivating peace at home can simply come from regulating a daily routine in the mornings before school and coming back from school. A routine builds a sense of security. There are no surprises to the child and begins to memorize his expectations at home everyday and will begin to feel in control of this routine and do it independently.

Things you can incorporate into your daily routine…

  • Observe nature outside. Listen to the sounds coming from wildlife or the rustle of trees when the wind blows

  • Practice “please” and “thank you”, “goodbye” and “hello”.

  • Establishing a bedtime that fits the age of each child. Along with having pajamas ready ahead of time, setting out small amount of toothpaste ready and available before heading off to bed. Arranging pillows, dolls/toys, curtains, lights, bedtime story. They will get the routine down in no time if it is consistent and they are capable of doing it on their own.

It is inevitable that changes will come up as the holidays are right around the corner and the children will feel the energy and feel the anxious vibes everyone is giving off and It is best to talk about them. It is encouraged to talk about these changes in routine before they happen in order to keep your child aware and doesn’t come to much of a surprise to them.

But always remember to cherish the moments of peace that do come with the holidays and the time spent together making crafts and baking goodies and visiting family throughout the next few weeks!

AuthorRebeca Flores