When we think about the child and the exercises of care of the person, we have to take into consideration what it is that the child needs to accomplish to be able to care for himself. Here in the Toddler Environment we give him/her the necessary items to allow them to do it themselves. 

We set out towels to clean up after themselves, plates to serve themselves snack when available, Washing their hands at a sink low enough for each child to reach.

We believe that children are like puppets. We wash them and feed them as if they were dolls. We never stop to think that a child who does not act does not know how to act, but he should act, and Nature has given him all the needs for learning how to act.
— Maria Montessori. Discovery of the child, pg. 57

How do you incorporate Care of the Person in your home?

We have to consider that the child can do things for himself. He needs to be invited by the adult into active participation in his own care. The adult needs to prepare the environment in such a way that the child can be successful.

At this stage, the child is very interested in his body and he is fascinated of all the activities that the adult has been doing for him like brushing their hair, washing them, changing their clothes; they can start doing these things. We must observe to see what the child is capable of.

Setting up an area for your child at home is easier than one imagines.

-A simple shelf in a low cabinet in the kitchen for them to take a plate out when dinner is ready. 

-A couple of towels within their reach for them to take one and clean up if there is a spill.

We must acknowledge the growth of our children and acknowledge their full potential for future success! 


AuthorRebeca Flores