When the teacher feels himself, aflame with interest, seeing the spiritual phenomena of the child, and experiences a serene joy and irresistible eagerness in observing him, then he will know that he is initiated. Then he will begin to become a teacher.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

 Francisco Bailon 

Falcon Upper Elementary Lead Guide


Originally from a village near the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Spain called Girona (near Barcelona). Mr. Frank grew up in a very fun-loving family with many brothers, of whom he is very proud.  Frank’s parents educated their children with love and affection, appreciating all that it is to be a family.  Frank began his studies as a Technical Engineer and graduated with a master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  He also completed another career as an Engineer in Systems Organization and Data Management. 

Frank discovered Montessori when his first son was born. He saw that something could change in the life of his son and family, with the best we can feel as human beings, love.  Frank believes that Montessori education provides each student gratitude, love for learning, respect, and is a help for life.  He quickly recognized his mission in life and decided to become an AMI Elementary Montessori Guide under the guidance of world-renowned AMI trainer, Dr. Kay Baker.  Since then, Frank has committed to instilling an authentic approach to the Montessori method at school and at home.  In his free time, he enjoys reading and cooking, two of his strongest interests after his true passion in life, his children, Alexis and Eric, and his wife Mar.  Frank is fluent in both English and Spanish.