Dear parents,

This month has been very busy with big projects and global initiatives. The children enjoyed thinking about the peace of the world and researching individuals who helped bring peace! The children were particularly passionate about learning more on natural disasters and finding ways to help provide support or relief to communities faced with such tragedies. The Falcon students held a fundraiser which they researched, planned and executed on their own.

We were very excited to have some rain during the school day. We all enjoyed going outside to feel dance in the rain. The students are passionate about different sports, in particular football and soccer. We have discussed the rules of play to have more success during recess. We have felt like scientists, we have had our first experience with the professional kitchen, uahhh what a month... Not to mention the Mayor came to visit and read with us.

We are growing as a community and as people ... What a beautiful transition we are making!


Mr. Frank.



Dear parents,

It has been a wonderful month for our Coyote children. Students are breaking into various work as their interests keep peaking due to the great lessons we have presented. Our children had a wonderful experience when our Mayor Jenn Daniels arrived to promote our Little Free Library. She inspired our children by asking various questions from them about how does the future of Gilbert May look like to them.

This month we also celebrated International Peace Day. The students had the opportunity to create peace flags from around the world. Then some of our children stood up in front the entire school to speak about someone in their eyes who they saw as a peace maker. We sang couple songs about peace and went outside to lose the ceremony by creating a peace sign.

Thank you for joining us for our parent night. It was so much fun to watch you work with the materials and get a deeper understanding of what your children experience as they walk in to the classroom each day.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful fall break.

Cordially Yours,

Mr. Fernando


Black Bear

Dear parents,

September flew by! Our Black Bears were busy and productive! We welcomed two baby Finches that hatched in our cage and discovered that we have more coming!

The Elementary children were presented with three of the Great Lessons. These lessons inspire them with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the order of the Universe, the way nature works and their role as human beings. These lessons are the cornerstone of the Montessori Curriculum, and lead to science experiments, Biology and Zoology lessons, and Mathematics, Geometry and Language as human contributions.

We celebrated Peace Day with our annual gathering and singing of "Light a Candle for Peace," an anthem sung on this day by Montessori children all over the world. It was powerful to feel the sense of of awe and community as we celebrated International Peace Day!  Two children represented our classroom by presenting a research of a Peace Leader that inspired them: Mother Theresa and John Lennon were the choices. This sparked an interest in exploring Peace Leaders and their contributions, in the classroom! 

This year we were fortunate to have a visit from Jenn Daniels, the Mayor of Gilbert. The children listened to her read a book about citizenship and were able to ask questions and get a sense of their connection to our larger community.

As we give the Great Lessons and experience community with the world, our city and our school, we hope to give the children a greater sense of kingship and responsibility.

Best Regards,

Miss Rebeca

Lauren Franchek