Freedom within Limits

A Montessori environment is characterized by freedom when choosing the work to be done, but it doesn’t exist free of limits. What happens in a Montessori environment with respect to freedom and limits? Learn about discipline in an AMI bilingual Montessori preschool and kindergarten classroom.

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Marcela Durlanich
From the Desk of Jennilyn Costantini

Jennilyn Costantini, Development Director writes:

Happy Fall Y’all!  Welcome to the second issue of our “MontesStory” a monthly newsletter.  I write to you after our inspiring and moving Creo staff retreat in the cool pines.  It was a weekend of connection, yummy food (prepared by us!), games, laughter, peacefulness, workshops, reflection and thoughtful conversation.  It is such a beautiful thing to notice and recognize the talents all around us and how each of us contributes to the collective growth and development of our community.  We hope you enjoyed your long weekend as well!  

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Lauren Franchek