The Human Tendencies and the Child’s Quest for Functional Independence

Our work as the parents and Guides of young children is to help the child gain independence. Each individual is born with the potential to develop movement, language, culture, and personality. To help the child discover himself and help his quest for Functional Independence we need to understand the child. The young child strives for Functional Independence. We have to help the child gain the skills needed to complete everyday tasks on their own. The child wants to feed themselves, clothe themselves, walk by themselves… to accomplish these tasks the child is observing the people he is surrounded with and then will try to imitate them. They are studying how to complete a task so they can do it too.

The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one’s self.
— Maria Montessori

We experience the Human Tendencies throughout our lifetime however the manifestation of these tendencies changes over time. In the 0-6 year old child the Human Tendencies are manifested as the Sensitive Periods, which fade over time. Tendencies are based upon the basic needs of man which are the same today as they have always been, the need for clothing, belonging, protection, and communication are just a few of the needs of the basic man.

The Human Tendencies include Exploration, a desire to know and understand the environment in which they live. The young child comes into the world so eager to explore the new environment and move around. Orientation is the next Human Tendency, the ability to place oneself in relation to our surroundings or in relation to a new situation. The young child in the classroom wants to know where the bathroom is, where his lunchbox belongs, where is the snack table and so on. Order is another Human Tendency. Routines, patterns of familiarity, following the same rules and expectation each day helps the young child become familiar with an environment and allows them to mentally understand how things go together. The 0-6 year old child has the tendency to repeat an action, continuing the activity until they are satisfied with their ability. Through this repetition the child is able to gain mastery. The child also wants Exactness, Precision, and Self Perfection in their skills, actions, and abilities.  The Human Tendencies also include Abstraction and Imagination. Around the ages of 5 and 6 the child will have the ability to leap from a concrete experience to a purely abstract through. Imagination enables us to enhance life but we can only create abstractions if we have experience with real life tangible things. Communication is another Human Tendency. We seek out ways to share our thoughts, feelings, needs, and ideas. The young child is constructing their ability to speak and interpret ways to communicate and how they can use these tools to communicate back.  

If we are going to serve the child we have to understand these tendencies that are present in all of us. They are apart of our daily life. This is how we can interpret what a young child is doing. Step back and allow them to explore in a way that is safe. If we are always doing things for the child they are never going to have a new experience or have the skills to carry out a task. They are creating themselves into a person at this time, place, and culture.


Peek Inside our Children’s House Classrooms


Dear Bobcat Families,  

It has been quite the month! Thank you to those who attended our Montessori Journey and Discovery. It was a two-day event that allowed many of you to go through a toddler, primary, and elementary classroom and become a child for a few hours! It was wonderful being able to help answer questions and watch as many experienced materials for the first time.  We ended our month with our annual auction, thank you to those who attended and supported such a great cause. It was a great time, had by all!

We welcomed Ms. Riley, a practice teacher, into our classroom this month. She is training with the Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies to become a Montessori teacher. She brought her guitar with her and sang lots of new songs at group time with us!

In the classroom the children have been working hard and loving the weather in the afternoons. They have been taking their work outside to enjoy sunshine! We harvested the cauliflower in our garden and everyone got to try a piece. The children were so excited to harvest and eat something from our garden that they got to help plant. Thank you to Gigi, AJ’s grandma, for making it all happen! We can’t wait to see what we are able to harvest next.

Thank you,

Ms. Haley and Ms. Leydi



Gray Fox

Dear Gray Fox Families,

WOW! What a month! We began with Montessori Journey and Discovery. It was a beautiful two days of comprehensive parent education as families had the opportunity to spend a day in the life of the children in all levels at Creo. Our auction was a wonderful success! Thank you to all of the families for supporting such a great cause.

The children welcomed a few practice teachers into the environment from the Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies. Ms. Helen, Ms. Dinora, and Ms. Susan brought a lot of positive experiences for the children and shared many songs with us! We wish them the best of luck with their careers as Montessori Guides.

Our cauliflower was ready to harvest! The children LOVED it! There’s truly nothing like the child’s connection to nature and their willingness to eat lots of veggies when their little fingers helped to plant and care for them. A special shout out to Gigi (Abby’s grandma) for her time, dedication, and donations to the children’s garden. It was also a month full of opportunities to further our cultural studies. We talked about China and the Chinese New Year, President’s Day in the US, and India’s Holi celebration of color! Our tiny geographers were exploring the world through the eyes of children around the world and it inspired many wonderful writing extensions.

With Spring right around the corner, let us soak up the cooler weather while we can! We encourage you to get outside: hike, have a picnic, ride bikes, sleep in a tent in your backyard, draw with sidewalk chalk, start a garden, or just simply take a walk around the block with your child!

Yours truly,

Ms. Lauren and Ms. Yadira


Cactus Wren

Dear Cactus Wren Families,

Happy February!!! Thank you to all who attended the Silent Journey. It is an amazing opportunity to experience the classroom just like your child. It is wonderful to see how all the levels are connected and build upon each other. It is also lovely to see the theme of human kindness and world peace run throughout our community.

This month we welcomed Ms. Grace, a student teacher from the local Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies training center. The children were very excited and welcomed her with open arms. She will be visiting for two weeks.

Even though it has been a little chilly in the mornings, the children still enjoy working outside, going for nature walks, and discovering all the little sprouts of greenery in the environment. We look forward to the warmer weather.

Ms. Eugenia update: Baby Christopher is doing well. He is enjoying spending time with mom and dad and is growing every day. He hopes to come visit our classroom soon.


With peace,

Ms. Johna and Ms. Marali



Hello Jackrabbit families!

As always, thank you to all of those who were able to attend and support the last two events, Journey and Discovery and the annual auction. It’s always fun to be able to spend time with the parents. Thank you!

This month we have been absolutely busy. The children are enjoying being able to take nature walks as well as working in the outdoor environment. We don’t have much time before the heat comes, so we are trying to soak every moment we have. We have some signs of growing in our garden and we even harvest a sweet pepper . The children are always delighted to see this growth.

We also had a student teacher from the AMI Montessori training program working with us for 2 weeks. The children welcomed her with open arms. Miss Susan was born in China. She shared with us some traditions celebrated in her country as well as teaching us a Chinese song! Thank you Ms. Susan!

Looking forward to a wonderful spring!


Ms. Marcela and Ms. Claudia

AuthorHaley Robling