Benefits of Outside as as Support to the Sensitive Periods and the Absorbent Mind

Dr. Montessori concluded that the child is endowed with a different kind of mind from that of adults.

Impressions do not merely enter [the child’s] mind; they form it. They incarnate themselves in him. The child creates his own mental muscles, using for this what he finds in the world about him. We have named this type of mentality The Absorbent Mind.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

The child is bestowed with an Absorbent Mind between the ages of 0-6.  The child is able to effortlessly take in language, knowledge, and absorb information in their surroundings all day long.

The Sensitive Periods are specific periods of time in the young child’s development when the acquisition of certain abilities and competencies happens most naturally and efficiently. These periods of time are critical passages in every child’s life, during which they are able to master essentials skills and capacities that are necessary to function as a human being. The Sensitive Periods include language, order, movement, and sensory perceptions. While the Absorbent Mind is taking in everything that he is surrounded in the sensitive periods help to give the child an interest in a certain aspect of his life.

Dr. Montessori recognized this is how the child develops and that we as the adults must prepare an environment to respond to these needs. We must also observe to when a child is experiencing these needs and how to best respond.  As the guide in the room we prepare our environments to meet the needs of the child but the child should also be exposed and given the opportunity to learn and take in our world, outside of the classroom.

Ways to support your child at this time is to take them outside. You can take your child to the grocery store and allow them to touch the different fruits and vegetables in the produce area. You can provide them with the vocabulary for the items they find an interest in. You can talk to them about where they came from, how they got to that particular store, or if they grew above or below ground. You can also compare the different types of fruits in the store, for example, looking at all of the different types of apples available. An extension of this is gardening with your child. As a family you can research which plants grow best in each season, allow the child to plant their own seeds, watch the vegetables grow throughout the weeks, and then incorporate the newly grown vegetables into a recipe!  

Ideas to support your child during this time in our surrounding Phoenix area are taking them to the symphony, the ballet, the Phoenix Zoo, the Arizona Science Center, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, the Arizona Museum of Natural History, the Wildlife World Zoo, the IDEA Museum, the OdySea Aquarium, the Musical Instrument Museum, or the Arizona Railway Museum. 

Maria Montessori said,

The things he sees are not just remembered: they form a part of his soul.

As the adults in the child’s life we need to give them opportunities to explore the world and develop.


Peek Inside our Children’s House Classrooms


Dear Bobcat Families,

We have welcomed the cooler weather with open arms! The children have enjoyed working in our outdoor environment. Thank you to GiGI (A.J.’s grandma) for helping make our gardens look great! We love watching the new plants grow and taking care of them each day. An eggplant has started to grow in our garden and the children are very excited to watch its growth and discuss ways we can prepare the eggplant. Thank you to Brittany (Lily’s Mom) for coming in and presenting a tarantula for show and share. The children loved being able to ask questions about the tarantula and see it up close!

We have welcomed Arjun into our classroom this month, we are so happy to have a new face join our community!

Thank you to all the families that attended and contributed to our Fall Social. It was wonderful getting to see all of you. A special thank you to our room mom Sarah for putting together such a great night!  

Parent/teacher conferences are coming up. Please be on the lookout for the signup through SchoolCues towards the end of October. We look forward to inviting you into our classroom and showing you all that we have been working on over the past couple of months.

Thank you,

Ms. Haley, Ms. Julia, and Ms. Leydi


Gray Fox

Happy October, Gray Fox Families!  

We embraced the cooler temperatures with our classroom doors wide open, outdoor activities, songs/poems about fall, learning about leaves as well as vegetables. The children had opportunities to dissect several pumpkins to examine the parts, and roasted many delicious batches of seeds. It was also fantastic to welcome two new faces into our group; Portia and Ayaan, we are so happy to have you!  

 Looking ahead….

It is an exciting time as we look forward to upcoming parent/teachers conferences. It is a treat to be invited into the children’s space to take a peek into their daily lives in the Children’s House. Keep an eye out for a sign up through SchoolCues.

 With Appreciation….

A special thank you to all who attended and contributed to our Fall Social! We are so lucky and appreciative to have such wonderful volunteer room parents! Also, thank you to GiGi (Abby’s grandma) for spending time with the children and creating such a beautiful garden space. Last but certainly not least, the children enjoyed a special presentation from Dr. Moore (Lena’s mom), she shared some facts about bats and a bit about her life as a scientist.

Thank you for your continued support!


Ms. Lauren and Ms. Yadira


Cactus Wren

Dear Cactus Wren Families,

Brrr…it is getting cold out. As the colder weather slowly creeps in, it is a good idea to practice at home how to hang a jacket on a hanger, zipper the jacket or sweater on the child’s body and on the hanger, and how to take the garment off the hanger. Please remember to label all winter wear with your child’s name.

Thank you to all the families that were able to attend our Fall Social. It is always a great time to enjoy the different dishes, meet new friends, and relax amongst friends. A big thanks to Ms. Marina and Ms. Lynnsie and all the set-up/clean-up helpers for a great evening.

We have been busy tending our outdoor environment garden. Our garden yielded two eggplants. The children were so excited! We have also been discussing apples and different types of winter squash and ways to prepare these items. 

Please look out for classroom observations towards the end of October through This is a wonderful opportunity to observe all the children at work and the classroom routines. We look forward to seeing all the parents during this time. 

With peace, 

Ms. Johna and Ms. Eugenia



Happy November dear Jackrabbit families! We are so happy to finally feel a cool breeze and be able to spend more time in our outdoor environment. Please remember to label your child’s sweater and/or jacket with their name. Thank you to Catie and her family for bringing dozens and dozens of ladybugs to be released in our garden, it was a wonderful and fun experience.

Our first social of the year was so much fun, thank you for attending and for bringing all the food and goodies. Special thanks to Yezica, Stacie, and Rajwant for organizing this fun event.

Observation and conference times are soon approaching. You will receive an invitation through school cues. This is a wonderful opportunity to come and sit in the classroom to silently observe what the children do every day. I am looking forward to having you over and also share some valuable information about your child’s progress.


Ms. Marcela and Ms. Claudia

AuthorHaley Robling