There should be music in the child’s environment.
— Dr. Maria Montessori



Aaron Spector

music & band

Mr. Aaron began music study in New York at the age of five. Before that, he is told that he would sing and play the accordion "by ear". As a child Aaron studied classical piano, trumpet and music theory at the Third Street Music Settlement. He was a union musician in his late teen years, did some recording and studied some other instruments before settling down with the certainty that my joy in music is most productively shared by teaching children. Aaron spent the next few years studying and working in preschool settings using the training he had as a child and guided by the observations, notes and recordings he made of his early music sessions with children. The goal was simply to encourage children to create, cooperate and have fun while learning basic concepts of rhythm and melody.

Aaron moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1980 and started his company, Music Man Inc. At that time he was, apparently, the only early childhood music education company. He expanded by adding several rigorously trained teachers to provide music education to 50 preschools throughout the valley. For family reasons, he moved to Ohio in 1990 while the Arizona business continued with only a few teachers who finally returned to teaching on their own. In Ohio, Aaron taught in several preschools and private elementary schools where his students played mallet and percussion instruments, recorder, mountain dulcimer, band instruments and many participate in private piano and/or guitar lessons. 

In June 2016, Aaron moved back to Arizona; his daughter was born in Phoenix, she now has a husband and four children in Chandler. It was just too ironic for Aaron to be teaching so many children but only visiting his grandchildren a few times each year. Aaron currently lives in the Southeast Valley and teaches many private students. In addition, he teaches music to our students at Creo School - a Bilingual Montessori Community and another local Montessori School. His instruction at Creo includes active sing alongs and movement for Children’s House, recorders and musical notation for Lower Elementary and band for Upper Elementary. Aaron also teaches all four of his grandchildren!