Welcome Toddler Community Families we are excited to be a month into the new school year!
We missed seeing all the toddlers over the summer and looking forward to continue getting to know our new students better. It has been wonderful to meet the new families as they have come in to "Meet the Teacher" and the parent meetings. 
Together we will have many great adventures and discoveries that not only the toddlers will participate in, but so will you! Throughout the school year the children will have the opportunity to be nurtured by their own efforts and experiences as they have the freedom to discovering it on their own. The peaceful environment is set up to fit the needs of the toddlers, as they are free to choose their own work and explore the environment as they desire.


The students that returned from the previous year were excited and ready to begin working again. It is amazing to see how quickly they jumped back into the routine and how they have adapted to a few changes in the environment. Our new students and the new Toddler Environment is also running great. The students that are new to the routine are adapting well. We are eager to keep on welcoming newcomers into our environments as the year goes on. As new students come in, we take the time to get to know each one of their wonderful personalities as much as we can to meet the needs of the child.


Thank you for all the parents that came to our classroom meetings; what a great turn out! We will have many opportunities to get to know each other a little better and grow closer and also for you to get to know your child a little better and grow even closer as you come to understand how the classroom works and the purposes of their toddler environment. 

Ms. Becky and Ms. Claudia, Hummingbird Class                    

Ms. Rebeca and Ms. Leydi, Butterfly Class


AuthorBecky Buendia