Our first quarter is over and off to a wonderful start; on to the next! It is so great to see so many personalities in one room growing together. We have continued with our daily routine and have begun to get familiar with one another; new names are being learned and new bonds are being made. So many helping hands in one room!

Grace and Courtesy 

The children's efforts toward exactness and precision are truly beautiful and amazing to see! We are amazed by their concentration and seriousness, combined with their joyful sense of pride as they move toward understanding their world. 
Our new students are doing so well with the routine as they continue to adjust to the classroom. They have all been practicing grace and courtesy as they patiently wait for all their friends to be seated for lunch before eating! We are also very impresses how well they are doing with setting the table, the use of their utensils, and their desire to share the food that they prepare in the class. 
From such a young age they understand that there is, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” All the students that have been in the class from the previous year or the first couple of weeks help our new comers to keep order in the class. 

Care of the Environment

This month we have focused a lot on taking care of our environment. We are serving milk for others for lunch, cleaning water off the floor with a mop & swiffer, folding laundry, watering our plants and many others. Our toddlers are all so eager to lend a hand in taking care of our environment. Learning to take care of the environment gives the opportunity to develop their gross motor movement and equilibrium. It also gives them the chance to relate with nature while taking care of our plants 

As we work through our care of the environment exercises and grace and courtesy, we will continue to develop the independence, their sensitive periods, and movement & equilibrium inside each and every child in the classroom as the year goes on. 

We must clearly understand that when we give the child freedom and independence, we are giving freedom to a worker already braced for action, who cannot live without working and being active.
— The Absorbent Mind, Ch. 8 pg. 91
AuthorRebeca Flores