We give the children the freedom to move around as much as possible in the environment from kicking a soccer ball on the playground to balancing on a balance beam in our outdoor environment. These movements that are practiced are critical to have developed at this age. Within these first three years of their life are what will prepare them for the future. The child becomes so alert with himself with all these movements that he is making. Movement is also a great importance for mental development; it is a means for expressing personality.

As we have talked about the increasing concentration of the children, it requires great concentration for the child to practice these intricate movements of his own body. When the child is concentrated on a work, it takes a great deal of concentration and focus on the movement he needs to make to achieve what is asked of his body; so great patience is required on our part, as adults. 

It is a wonderful experience to watch the children in the environment observe and recognize their body movements. Through the material out for the children to use, they can experience the movement of their fingers such as cutting paper with scissors, the pincer grasp for holding and pulling grapes, and many other materials to get their hands and bodies moving and practicing their inner potential. The practice of these movements are not only heard in their silence but seen in their eyes; the focus and the will to master these movements in the hands and bodies. 

It follows that the child can only develop fully by means of experience on his environment. We call such experience ‘work’.
— The Absorbent Mind. Pg. 80
AuthorRebeca Flores