Hello, Dear Creo Families,

These two weeks will remain in our memories as the 'grand rehearsal' for the sleepover. Almost every day we were discussing one or another skill that is necessary to practice in order to have an enjoyable experience during the sleepover and then, later, during the field trip. The importance of the listening to the instructions, guidelines, and rules was the hit as well.

Children of second plane of development (6 - 12 yo) construct the ability to function in society as it is time now to move beyond family and school. Physically and mentally, the child is capable of a great deal. In order to help them in that Montessori elementary curriculum offers Going Out. The Sleepover is the most initial step on that way where children can test themselves if they are comfortable with the idea according to their level of development and also it gives the opportunity for the guides and their aides to see the children in action after all the conversations about the skills and following the rules, guidelines, and instructions. All those steps are necessary to take in order to gain independence, necessary skills, and knowledge to conceive, plan, organize, execute, and follow up child's own "Field Trip" in pursuit of gaining answers on unlimited "whys" and "hows".

Another important part of the Going Out experiences is the stage in the child's development where the peer group acquires enormous importance. The child wishes to be a part of the a group and Going Out requires that the children work in cooperative groups what requires that they work and create collaboratively.

Cooking of Russian thin pancakes:


Nature Walk:


Mr. Denis' Birthday Celebration:


Bonfire and song and dances around:


And our usual rubric: peek into the classroom:


Kind regards,

Denis, Mr. Fernando, and Ms. Lucy

AuthorDenis Samarin