Dear Families,

Our consistency and persistence with the planning routine starts to yield. Every day the children choose their activities and follow-ups faster and faster and then log in their journals all that they work on through their school days. By making their own choices and being accountable for themselves, their free will starts to bloom! One of the next steps, self-discipline, is on its way, around the corner. Bien trabajo!

We started to gather community meetings where the children can discuss substantial daily problems, come to conclusions and rules on how to solve them with the greater community needs in mind. In one of those meetings, the sleepover and the field trip were discussed. The children were explained why it is very important to follow the rules, guidelines, and instructions and how to do that, why we are doing the sleepover (preparation for the field trip), what are the perks of going on the field trip, and so on. Then the children were asked to think about what are the necessary things they have to bring to the sleepover and they came up with the list, compact and to the point. Now they are very excited to prepare for it themselves.

We continued to talk with the the students about our home, the Earth, what layers it is composed of, how they affect each other, we looked at the past, at the supercontinent Pangea, and imagined how it would look like in the future. We talked about Plate Tectonics, looked at the plates on the world ocean floor and on the continents.

A group of the children decided to dissect a frog.

Mathematics prospers in the classroom. Least Common Multiples, Operations with Fractions, Large Bead Frame (abacus), Chequerboard, are the most popular choices.

Every day the children read better, handwriting becomes more legible and beautiful, understanding of the parts of the speech deeper.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Second Annual Charity Event!  It was a fun night coming together as a community to help support Creo and strengthen our community.  For everyone who donated items, volunteered their time, sponsored a staff member, attended the event, and/or purchased an auction item, thank you! Everyone's role in this event is appreciated and has not gone unnoticed.  


Denis, Ruchira and Lucy

P.S. A usual peek into the classroom

AuthorDenis Samarin