Dear Families,

Spring Break has passed by quickly and now we are on the homestretch to the Summer Holiday.

During our break, the environment changed to make it more spacious and to illuminate more of our Math and Language areas, and the kids are loving it! Changing our room layout will help us to implement new routine we put into place before Spring Break. Our new flow will help support our new routines and consistency throughout.  

Planning is a really important step in gaining the responsibility and accountability for own thoughts and actions, and building selves. We each are learning that with persistence, consistency, and the guidance everything is possible, even when we feel like we can't overcome.  

The weather pleases us with warm temperature and now we started a series of Nature Walks. The first spring nature walk was about making sketches. Then the children shared their experiences of how initially, with big lines, they expected and saw the task one way, but with the deepening into details the task was transfiguring and opening more interesting things.

We have introduced some new music into the classroom - a guitar and recorders.  It has been an amazing experience to watch the children grow and learn through music!  The interest, appreciation and attention to learning the instruments is very humbling.  

Minds of the children are captivated by the thirst of exploration of everything around. Our current researches are from different areas: different types of houses (we even thinking about choosing one and building it), helicopters, life of spiders and snakes, Michael Jackson, Tasmanian Tiger, and some others.

And, of course - baking. Our chefs baked a strawberry pie for us.

Have a very merry and happy weekend!

Denis, Mr. Fernando, and Ms. Lucy.

P.S. A little peek on how the magic happens in the classroom:

AuthorDenis Samarin