Dear Families,

Our small community is growing stronger every day! The student's work becomes more concentrated and focused, as more confidence is being observed, the more we are able to read from new and different genres from various content areas and levels.  As this happens, the more likely the children are to choose to read a book for themselves as a transition between different activities.  Similarly in math, the students are gaining more confidence in their math work, individually choosing more challenging works and becoming "financial sharks".

Last week our youngest chefs baked a very delicious apple pie for lunch to share in our small community. The process was organized as in the best restaurant kitchens of the world. After checking their supplies, the students checked if they had all the necessary ingredients for the planned dishes and found out that some were missed. Planning occurred, math problems were solved, money obtained, and, finally, the going out to a shop took place. Nothing could derail the determination of the buyers, but the temptation was strong! 

While our bakers were off on their determination of baking the apple pie,  another crew of our chefs gathered in the harvest from our vegetable garden and cooked tasteful salad for the same lunch. The salad and the apple pie were DELICIOUS and all were so proud of the "fruits" of their labor. 

A new strong trend has begun to appear in class: BIOLOGY.  A very thorough presentation was given from a group of third years about the human skeletal system. Every bone was scrutinized, analyzed and explained, followed by a large number of following questions occurred and were answered with precision. 

Children of the second plane of development (ages 6 to 12) observe and study the society that they are going to join as they mature. Globally, the brains of the children think alike. With a global perspective in mind, we studied the different time zones on our planet and they were really interested to figure out what is the time difference was not only between Phoenix and some states but also between Phoenix and the capitals of other countries from different continents. Additionally, we were trying to figure out where we get our food and clothes from. Turned out that in all of these processes so many people of different professions from all over the world are involved but almost all of them root from farmers, which allowed us to circle around to nature and organic growth of materials.  

Spelling becomes infectious and more children quiz each other every day. Is not it funny to find out that word you spelled actually meant something else when spelled this way? But not only English agitates the minds of the children. Egyptian Hieroglyphs are studied over and over again from different facets and angles.

Hope you will have great time sharing the excitement of your children about getting to know our very big, mysterious, and adventurous world around us,

Mr. Denis, Mr. Fernando, Ms. Lucy.

AuthorDenis Samarin