Dear Parents,

 Happy December!! It has been a fast couple of weeks in our dynamic Coyote Classroom. With the holiday season upon us, the students are in great spirit as they’re engaged on their individual work while trying to find balance to work on their group projects . These few weeks we have been going back to basics; focusing on routines that involve cooperations, empathy and effective communication as well as responsibilities to enrich self awareness, independence and confidence. Our goal is to instill good work ethics to build on concentration and discipline.  

We opened our chapter in Biology by giving the students a lesson about the Story of the Plants. This story is connected to the Great Lesson, Coming of the Universe and The Story of the Coming of Life. The purpose of this story is to inspire the children to see plants, seeds and flowers in a different way. We have been doing some experiments in the classroom which got the students very excited. In one of our experiments we concluded what specific things a plant needs in order to grow. 

With this knowledge in mind we invited some of the students to go on a nature walk to our neighborhood park. They were asked to take notes, observe how many types of leaves / plants they could identify while asking them to look thoroughly at how leaves grow towards light. Our next step is to test this idea by doing a fun experiment in the classroom, do plants really grow towards light?!

Hope everyone will have a warm weekend. 


Mr.Fernando, Mr. Denis and Ms. Lucy 

AuthorRuchira Fernando