Smile with the flowers and green grass. Play with the butterflies, birds and the deer. Shake hands with the ferns and twigs. Talk to the rainbow, wind, stars and the sun. Converse with the running brook and the waves of the sea. Develop friendship with your neighbors, dogs, cats, trees and flowers. Then you will have a wide, perfect and full life. You will realize oneness or unity of life. This can be hardly described in words. You will have to feel this for yourself.
— Swami Sivananda

Dear families, 

March was an outstanding month guiding us into another beautiful April here in the valley of the sun! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and new life is blooming all around us. We have a feeling our sunflowers will be making an appearance in the short future. Check out our garden bed growth progress over the past two weeks and our apple tree: 


The children enjoyed releasing ladybugs and discussing other various insects. 


We also celebrated two Sixth Birthdays! It is always such a pleasure to share the sun celebration with families! 


Creo's second annual charity event was a great success. Thank you to our room parents for all of your help with the projects and to all of the families for your never ending support. We are looking forward to our spring social that is just around the corner! 



Spring is such a beautiful season full of the transformation and blossoming of life. Please enjoy the photos below as they exhibit some of the processes of the work in a Montessori Children's House. 


1. Hand washing: 


2. Making a salad: 


3. Eggs: 



Ms. Lauren and Ms. Leydi 

AuthorLauren Marques