Dear Gray Fox Families, 

Hellooooooo spring and sunshine! Whew, it’s sure warming up quick and the children have been loving spending time in the shade, caring for their gardens and outdoor environment. Did you know, it was World Water Day on March 22nd? We discussed the importance of water conservation. Some interesting points were brought up by the children… “Ms. Lauren, the globe has so many oceans. How come some places run out of water?” This is a hard pill to swallow for a 3-6 year old as the magnitude of the issue is far beyond their realm. However, we did discuss fresh water, vs. salt water. For the older children who are beginning to understand fractions and percentages, the fact that 97% of the water on our planet is undrinkable was powerful. We fine-tuned our contribution by discussing ways we can conserve water in the classroom and at home. 


We also discussed other cultural holidays over the last few days. The Persian New Year, Nourouz is always an exciting celebration for the children! India also celebrated Holi, we discussed the festival of colors and how it is celebrated. We will continue to discuss both holidays next week. We also spoke a bit about Easter..... believe it or not and how all of these holidays are centered upon the SPRING equinox. We look forward to continuing to read each child's interpretation through expression and written works in the environment. 

Check out the pictures from our garden and refer back to witness the growth!!! Incredible!!! 

The auction is DAYS away, thank you for your support to make our items so successful! 


Ms. Lauren and Ms. Leydi 

AuthorLauren Marques