Two weeks and three birthdays! Thank you for taking time to celebrate your special days with us! It is such an honor to watch you grow. 

The foot is noble.
To walk is noble.
Thanks to the feet,
the child who already walks
can expect of the outdoors
certain answers to his secret questions.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

Dear Families, 

Our gardens are finally embracing spring with fresh soil and tender loving care from the children. Because of the intense sun exposure on our patio, we decided to transplant several flowers near our apple tree. However, in the raised beds the children have planted seeds and have been watering them daily. The wait is is always lengthy but witnessing the sprouting of new life is always the most exceptional reward. Gardening, extensions into Botany and further Biology studies are gateways for the child to naturally explore the pathways of culture in the Children's House. Our purposes are to guide to child's natural exploration, to foster an appreciation of life and awareness of the interdependence and interrelatedness of nature and to guide the child's observation of nature. We also help the child to establish a framework in which he may begin to relate his experiences. We foster these purposes by presenting the child with the keys to the world. We begin with the whole part such as the tree, then break apart the specific parts and classifications. 

The children have learned a few new songs, we have been going on long nature walks and having group time outdoors. We bring our CD Player outside and continue studying our favorite composures, sing, dance, read books and work on gross motor skills while appreciating nature. Again, we truly want to foster the child's discovery. Discovery is a personal process. This means if someone discovers something and shares it with us it's not truly ours. We don't want to take the discovery away from the child, rather, foster their search and fuel their interests. In addition, we started reading Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder in the afternoons. The children have been extremely engaged and learning many new vocabulary words. 

We look forward to a great end to the short month of February and to see you at Montessori Journey and Discovery this weekend. This is our most thorough and powerful approach to Parent Education as we provide you with insight to the daily life of your children in a Montessori Environment. 


Ms. Lauren and Ms. Leydi 









AuthorLauren Marques