Dear Gray Fox Families, 

We have had an eventful two weeks, as always! The children have been enjoying the warmer weather as spirits lighten and smiles brighten. We are planning to begin gardening next week to revive our garden after the winter chill. It was an absolute joy and pleasure to welcome Ms. Adriana from the Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies teacher training program into the environment. She spent the last two weeks with us, conducting her practice teaching. The children enjoyed meeting her pet Chinchilla, Smoky and receiving planned lessons under my guidance. We also enjoyed celebrating another sixth birthday!! Thank you for the yummy snacks and for sharing your special day with us! 

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.
— Chinese Proverb

We would like to extend a BIG thank you to the Nguyen family for helping to introduce the Chinese New Year to our community. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the traditions and customs that surround this beautiful holiday. The holiday begins on the night of the first new moon of the year which marks the beginning of spring. A new moon is insivible from Earth. Over the next 15 days, it gets bigger and bigger until it's full. Springtime symbolizes a fresh start and new beginnings. It is a time of hope and promise. We discussed how it is Chinese custom to clean out your homes, buy new clothes and decorate with bright colors to start fresh in the new year. The color gold is said to bring wealth, and the color red is considered especially lucky. The chinese will cook various foods which symbolize different things. A whole fish means they will have plenty to eat, long noodles symbolize living a long life. Even the amount of food they make has a representation: the more food, the more they will have next year. We were able to have a dragon/lion dance with drums, lanterns, a dragon and a lucky buddah. The children enjoyed dressing up and sharing the experience with our other Children's House Classroom and our Lower Elementary Class. The Nguyen's passed out Lucky Red Envelopes to all children and staff - thank you so much! 


 In addition to the Chinese New Year, we have been discussing President's Day and Arizona's Birthday! On February 14th, Arizona turns 104. We have been talking about the five C's: climate, cotton, copper, citrus, cactus and cattle. We talked about the history of the Arizona flag and highlighted some of our unique state animals and plants. 


While all of the excitement surrounds us the children still continue to work in a protected environment full of concentration and independence. We continue to be astonished by the developmental gains of each child.



Ms. Lauren and Ms. Leydi 

AuthorLauren Marques