Dear families, 

The children have officially settled back into their routines after the winter festivities. Everyday is new and exciting, yet the same routine, helping the child to joyfully engage in the intricacies of life in a protected environment. Routine, routine, routine… this is something you will hear most early childhood professionals emphasize. This is why the Montessori children’s house is physically and emotionally designed for the children to know what to expect from their day.


From the materials being low to their height and meticulously returned to the exact place for them to find day upon day, to the demeanor of the Guide, the Assistant and the support staff. It is a pendulum that swings ever so gently creating a balance for the child’s development. 


Within the consistency we can observe each individual tackling a new work, repeating an old, giggling or engrossed in serious periods of concentration. The children care for all things in the environment and develop a tremendous amount of self control.


From walking in the classroom when they’d rather be running, to gracefully waiting their turn for snack or a material - they truly hone this skill and it’s one that can last a lifetime. The children have done a tremendous job welcoming Ms. Leydi and a new friend into our classroom! The children and I feel so blessed to have them both in our environment! 


We wish our friend a very Happy 6th Birthday! We also had a special show and share on Friday, we were able to meet a Hedgehog named Kiwi! The children's loved her! 


Thank you for your support, we appreciate the gift of time with your children! 

-Ms. Lauren and Ms. Leydi 


AuthorLauren Marques