Dr. Montessori had a certain perspective about freedom that tends to be one of the most misunderstood aspects of her work. In a Montessori prepared environment the child is offered freedom within limits. As Montessori observed children all over the world; she came to the conclusion that in order to manifest spontaneous self discipline the child needs a "free environment." We will define this type of freedom as the ability to choose from within; knowing what you want. Even for adults, this is can be a difficult feat. There is so much outer and inner stimuli influencing our realization of feelings toward and/or responses to another. 

Like freedom, discipline requires the ability to choose for oneself; but also the ability to stick with that choice. Freedom requires limits to guarantee choice.

"To achieve the utmost individuality we need a social environment which gives limits naturally." -Dr. Montessori.

Freedom within limits in the prepared environment respects the child's psychosomatic, emotional development and need for social cohesion. Some characteristics of these limits include: the use of one's energies may not deprive others of their opportunities, knowledge precedes choice (curiosity reaches interest), materials must be used for the purpose in which they were designed, psychic energy is conserved by eliminating superfluous things (everything is motive for activity), and consequences and responsibility (child gradually takes responsibility for actions). 

We could say that we have three classroom rules. 1) We respect the work of others. 2) We take care of what we use. 3) We make sure everything living is safe. These rules are presented and enforced in such a gentle way that they simply become the way of life in our Children's House. 

When the child is presented with an environment that offers freedom within limits hand in hand with concentration, the child is liberated to develop creativity, tolerance of others, respect, and a whole guided by ones intelligence. 

"The first duty of an education is to stir up life, but leave it free to develop." -Dr. Montessori  
Studying parts of the starfish, dreaming of the ocean! 

Studying parts of the starfish, dreaming of the ocean! 


We had so much fun celebrating Allie's 5th birthday! The children loved the yummy fruit edible arrangement, it was a perfect summer treat! 

As the year comes to an end and all conferences have wrapped up, I want to thank you again for taking the time to meet with me. It brings joy to describe how the children continue to radiate light and love to everything in their reach. Ms. Yadira and I greatly appreciate your support.

The development for a love of language is a delicate process where the child begins to appreciate each letter, word, and sentence, building pride in his style of writing and ability to read what others convey. The child becomes master of his thought as he develops abilities to effectively communicate through writing. 

1) The child dissects and labels the parts of the leaf, understanding the external structure of the leaf. 2) Building the geometric solids with modeling clay, solidifying comprehension of base shapes, vertices, faces and parts of the figures. 

The test within the material is exemplified as the child memorizes the essential multiplication products. 

The test within the material is exemplified as the child memorizes the essential multiplication products. 

“We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think for himself; this is the art of those who aspire to serve the spirit.” -Dr. Montessori

We will continue to focus on grace and courtesy and development of independence during the last two weeks of school. We cannot believe how fast summer break is approaching but continue to feel honored to serve your children each day. 


Miss Lauren and Ms. Yadira 


AuthorLauren Marques