Dear Families, 

The first week back after Winter Break was inspiring. The children settled back into their routines almost effortlessly. We were so excited to hear all of the stories of the holiday festivities from the children and they seemed at peace when re-entering their environment and collaborating again with their friends. 

This week we discussed a familiar topic: peace. The children discussed their understanding of Martin Luther King, Jr. as we read several book and even listened to a short piece of his famous I Have a Dream speech. We are continuing to listen to Pyotr Tchaikovsky, the children are able to recognize that he was a classical composure and his work for the Nutcracker ballet as well as Swan Lake. 

"Establishing lasting peace is the work of education." -Dr. Montessori. 

"Establishing lasting peace is the work of education." -Dr. Montessori. 

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our first school community meeting and our classroom meeting on Wednesday. I lectured on the Exercises of Spoken and Written Language.  We aid the development of spoken language through conversations with the children, telling stories, aiding their ability to form complete sentences, efficiently and intelligently communicate emotions, needs and wants, reading of books, naming of objects, specific classifications and names of precise parts of things. For example, one child may say: “The pistil is taller than the stamen.” This can be a natural statement for a child of 4 who has learned the vocabulary, whereas another child may say “there is something sticking out of this thing.” It’s the same observation but one child has learned the vocabulary to express himself and one hasn’t. 

The materials that stimulate spoken language are: The guide, the children, pictures to stimulate conversation, pictures and books and situations that stimulate conversations. The environment in its own is a gateway to develop vast vocabulary. 

Written language helps the child build self-confidence. Historically the invention of writing was a great step for human beings and psychologically it is a great breakthrough. An individual has power and new abilities. In its change from knowing a handful of signs, he can write anything just by representing the arrangement of the sounds that he already knows with some of those signs. If a child can make this step while he’s in the sensitive period for language, he has many psychic forces working for him such as: concentration, motor activity, repetition, order and abstraction. 

We discussed the Montessori approach to prepare the mind as well as the hand for writing. Also, how we aid the child's potential to explode into writing. 

On Friday, we celebrated Mason's 5th birthday! Thank you, Dana, for joining our group for this special day. 

At the end of the classroom meeting, I announced that we will begin our Parent Observations and Parent-Teacher Conferences in February. The children love having observers. Please accept either coffee, tea or water when they offer to serve you. They have been practicing by serving Ms. Tanya in the office and other prospective parent observes. Keep in mind that you are there to watch. If the children speak to you (other than greeting/serving) please say "I am here to watch you work." We cannot wait for you to feel the magical energy of our group! 

We cannot thank you enough for you for all of your thoughtfulness, cards, gifts, treats and love during the holidays! Furthermore, for trusting and sharing with us, your most precious gifts - your children! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. 

-Miss Lauren and Ms. Yadira. 



AuthorLauren Marques