We had a wonderful first week getting to know each child’s unique personality, fostering friendships and connecting each child with the materials. They have been eagerly waiting their turn for new lessons each day! Their love of learning is already so evident; this is truly beautiful to see.

For the first month, we will place emphasis on social grace and courtesies, as well as developing purposeful movement in the environment. Some of the grace and courtesy lessons include: using a soft voice inside, carrying breakable items, begging pardon, asking for help, setting the table and practicing good manners at lunch/snack, how to care for and observe our classroom pets, and how to ask for help.

Drop off/pick up:

Please keep the following in mind: quick goodbye’s, dropping off on-time, respecting the child’s environment, and keeping the hallway a quiet zone help us maintain successful transitions. Also, please be sure to sign your child in/out daily.


Please be sure to label your child’s lunch containers with their first and last name. There is no need to send silverware in your child’s lunch as the children set their place daily with a placemat, plate, glass, fork, knife, spoon and napkin.


For any questions or concerns about your child please email me at Lauren@creoschool.org, or fill out a Gold Note at the front desk. I encourage you to attend our monthly classroom meetings and school events. 

AuthorColleen Campbell