Dear families, 

We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones. The children have been expressing their attitudes of gratitude that will surely last through the new year. 

It has been lovely to hear (and read) the children's unique stories of how each Thanksgiving was celebrated. 

Thank you for all who attended our classroom meeting on Tuesday! We discussed the Education of the Senses and worked with some of our spectacular scientific sensorial materials.  "The senses are the basic human apparatus for contact between the individual and the world around him." -Dr. Maria Montessori. "There is nothing in the intellect which was not first in the senses." -Aristotle. The history of the sensorial materials derives from both Jean Itard and Edward Seguin. These are scientifically precise materials designed for developmental gains. Current neuroscience proves our work with the Sensitive Periods and calls them "Windows of Opportunity." The purposes of the Exercises for Education of the Senses include developing intelligence, recall, a lifetime tendency toward order and precision, and preparation for culture, academics and the imagination. 

We are so excited that the weather is continuing to cool down and Winter is upon us. This is a magical time of year for both children and adults. Please take the opportunity to help your child practice putting on, taking off, hanging up, buckling/zipping/buttoning their coats. Think about analysis of movement and give only enough assistance that is necessary. We are looking forward to our cookie exchange on Tuesday, December 9th. The children are happy to welcome a new child into our class, Keaton! She has begun her transition from Toddler Community into the Children's House. Also, I would like to remember and wish Lily R. a very happy 6th Birthday! 

Now, for a fun story. The children are notorious for profound, unexpected, marvelous inquiries or statements.  This moment truly explains how beautiful the Montessori method is. One afternoon, a four year old in invited me over to "see his work." This is what I find. He ponders aloud, "Miss Lauren, what would happen if all of the continents were on one hemisphere?" This is the question of a young scientist! Today the Map of the World, tomorrow… the moon! 


Again, thank you for your support, trust and partnership in your child's education. 



Miss Lauren and Ms. Yadira. 





AuthorLauren Marques