Dear families, 


So long summer, welcome autumn!! It has been delightful to feel the crisp weather, the rain and grateful attitudes as the new season approaches. The children have been thrilled to discuss their excitement for pumpkins, the changing leaves and countdown to the holidays. The children may bring in different colored/shaped leaves that they find, different types of squash, pinecones, books about fall, pictures of their family visiting pumpkin patches or other fall festivities to share with the group any day.


The children are growing in experience, expanding their interests and developing strong friendships. We had an observer from the AMI training center this past week and the children enjoyed practicing their grace and courtesy, serving her coffee and the muffins that they have been baking.


It is so exciting to announce that our outdoor environment has expanded, the children have began working and exploring outside. They will be gardening and growing organic fruits, vegetables and flowers. The process of composting has also been introduced; the children are eager to “feed our earth.”


Thank you for taking time to meet with me individually. It has been a joy building relationships with you and learning more about your children. If you haven’t signed up for a meeting, please email me.




Miss Lauren and Ms. Yadira


AuthorLauren Marques