Every May as the school year comes to a close, many parents’ ask their child’s lead guide what they can work on over the summer. There are many studies that show reading, math, and physical activity skills are lost over the summer months. Now we know there are a lot of workbooks that parents can purchase but past experience has shown me (with my own Montessori children) that they soon tire of these books. My suggestion is to read to your child daily. If your child is reading, have them read to you or their siblings 15 minutes a day and linear counting is great while driving in the car.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin

There are some everyday activities that foster learning. The following suggestions encourage cooperation, self-regulation, team building, a creative imagination, and just plain old fun!!!!

  1. Cook with your children
  2. Visit a national park
  3. Camp in the backyard
  4. Visit the local library
  5. Discover an art gallery
  6. Start a summer journal
  7. Play with water balloons
  8. Climb a tree
  9. Make ice cream
  10. Take a hike
  11. Make a piñata
  12. Have a picnic inside
  13. Have breakfast outside
  14. Discover the stars
  15. Run threw a sprinkler
  16. Go for a family bike ride
  17. Be still for 5 minutes
  18. Watch an educational program
  19. Make an indoor tent with sheets
  20. Have a tea party
  21. Put on a play
  22. Donate gently used toys and books
  23. Volunteer
  24. Make homemade popsicles with fresh fruit
  25. Paint rocks and start a rock garden
  26. Visit the children’s museum
  27. Visit the science center
  28. Stop and smell the roses
  29. Make homemade crayons
  30. Enjoy sidewalk chalk
  31. Have a pool party. Let your child plan the menu, music, and games
  32. Play softball
  33. Play basketball
  34. Go ice skating
  35. Take an art class
  36. Play in the mud
  37. Make a tie-dye shirt
  38. Make placemats
  39. Have an impromptu dance party
  40. Do homemade science experiments
  41. Draw a self-portrait with your child
  42. Learn how to jump rope
  43.  Play soccer
  44. Take an early morning walk
  45. Take an evening walk
  46. Plant a tree
  47. Pick up litter
  48. Start a household recycling program
  49. Laugh for no reason at all
  50. Play in the rain

Enjoy these adventures with your children!!

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.
— Barbara Johnson

A Peek Inside our Children's House Classrooms:

Congratulations to our Fly-Up students, embarking on their journey from Children's House to Lower Elementary! 



Cactus Wren

Dearest Cactus Wren Families,

Our Spring Social was a great success!!!! This was the largest group to attend. The food and smoothies were delicious, the children enjoyed playing, and all the adults had a chance to “catch up” with each other. Thank you to Marina and Lynnsie, our room parents, for all their hard work in organizing not only the social but all the community activities we do throughout the year.

In the classroom, it seems as though the children are racing to do one more “big work” before the summer break. They also enjoyed preparing the Mother’s Day gifts. They loved the smell and textures of the gift.

As this school year comes to an end, Miss Eugenia and I look back fondly on all the precious memories of the children. It has been such a blessing for us to observe all the emotional, social, physical, academic, and community growth over the past ten months. We wish all the best to Alexa, David, Juliet, Lyla, Santiago, and Taran as they move up to the elementary classrooms. For the children whose adventures will take them to new schools or towns, we will miss you and wish you all the best. For our returning students, we cannot wait to see all the growth you will make over the summer months and look forward to welcoming you back in August.

A huge Thank You to all the parents for giving us the opportunity to guide your child, supporting the classroom in all our community activities, and the many generous gifts throughout the school year. We appreciate you in so many ways!!!

Have a peaceful and safe summer break.

Ms. Johna and Miss Eugenia



Dear Jackrabbit Families- I am so thankful for this wonderful year and would like to thank you for your all trust and support. We feel extremely happy to see what a lovely community we have built with the help of your children and all of you! The children are so excited for their friends who are flying up to Elementary; congratulations to Elliot and CaliAnn, we are really going to miss you!  We wish you all a wonderful and fun summer, we will be here waiting to hear all the fabulous stories from each of your children next August.

With love,

Ms. Marcela and Ms. Dinora



Dear Bobcat families~

Summer summer summer time! Yay!  This month we have welcomed Ms. Julia into our environment.  It is so sweet to see the relationship that each one of the children is building with her through this transition.  Everyone is so very excited for her to be here!

This month we watched 5 caterpillars grow into it's various stages until they finally emerged as beautiful butterflies.  We set them free on their merry ways to explore all that this big, beautiful world has to offer.  We are also currently seeing corn and carrots growing like crazy in our garden.  It should be good harvest if the heat doesn't get to them too soon.  Our classroom birds have since laid 5 more eggs and we are all anxiously awaiting to see if these little guys will hatch.  So much life going on in our classroom!

Our classroom social had a grand turnout and fun was had by all at our Mexican....ahem Luau????  ;)  Thanks you to everyone for participating, playing and being a part of our small Bobcat community.  

In other exciting news, we have a big group of children who will be having their last week here in the Bobcat classroom.  We are sad to see these 7 members of our classroom off as they fly up to Elementary, but we wish them well in their future endeavors.  Good luck!!!

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your children's lives this past year.  They will be greatly missed and I will cherish all of the endearing, funny and exceptional learning and teaching moments that we've shared to together this past school year.  I may be the teacher, however they have taught me more than I had ever expected.  My sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you.  

With peace, love and respect~

Ms. Carmen and Ms. Liz



Gray Fox

Dearest Gray Fox Families,

Wow! We can’t believe this year is coming to a close. The amount of development we have witnessed has been paramount. This group of children has been so incredibly special and demonstrated compassion far beyond their years. 

In May, we had some big things happen! One of the children lost their first tooth. This sparked some really fun conversations about the growth of all living things. Our Spring Social was a great success. We cannot thank our room-parents enough for all of their effort this year. We feel so lucky! It has also been bittersweet preparing for the Fly Up ceremony; we will miss our four flyers dearly. Congratulations to Cooper, Keaton, Aden and Lily.

Finally, we extend our most sincere thanks for all who contributed to the Teacher Appreciation gift. What a wonderful surprise. We are extremely grateful for your support, love and most of all, your trust with your most precious gifts, your children.

Wishing you a summer filled with precious memories,

Ms. Lauren and Ms. Yadira

AuthorJohna Martinez